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CRG emPerform’s new On-Demand Form functionality is revolutionizing how modern companies are developing performance & managing talent in real-time.

We are very excited to announced the availability of version 5.2 of our award-winning employee performance management software suite. Along with enhancements to existing functionality, this latest release includes a new On-Demand Form feature for real-time, user-launched performance management forms. This unique tool puts the power of ad-hoc talent forms in the hands of employees and managers and is helping HR to foster a culture of agile performance development and real-time employee coaching and recognition.

Why On-Demand Forms?

The development of CRG emPerform’s On-Demand Form functionality was in response to the lack of truly ad-hoc automated performance form options available in the market. Most employee performance management systems rely on a company’s HR or IT teams for initiating and tracking employee reviews and other performance management forms. This can result in HR or IT being burdened with system requests and makes it impossible for companies to implement off-cycle or more ad-hoc performance processes such as hourly staff evaluations and approvals, project-based reviews, or structured employee check-ins. Most systems also link performance management forms to an organization’s formal employee-manager structure, resulting in other coaches and key performance players to be absent in an employee’s performance development planning.

CRG emPerform’s On-Demand Forms offer the best of both worlds. Using emPerform, HR can create a set of standard performance review forms for centralized goal management and competency development but can also provide a library of ad-hoc automated forms and processes that are available ‘on-demand’ to employees, managers, and other key stakeholders like project managers and team leads. This functionality is perfect for professional service organizations, project-based companies, and businesses that have groups of hourly or contract staff who would not fit into a traditional reporting structure or performance cycle.


“The focus of this new functionality is to increase the timeliness and effectiveness of feedback and performance development by putting it in the hands of users as it happens,” said John Smith, Director, Enterprise Business Solutions at CRG emPerform.  “The new user-launched feedback or project forms are the perfect complement or replacement to the traditional annual review process and illustrate emPerform’s commitment to deliver modern and robust performance management capabilities.”


Examples of On-Demand Performance Management Forms:

  • project-based performance reviews;
  • performance improvement and development forms;
  • user-driven peer feedback forms;
  • contract & hourly performance reviews;
  • off-cycle compensation adjustment request forms;
  • ongoing one-on-one (1:1) check-in forms and feedback request forms;
  • manager-launched probationary review forms and 30-60-90 day evaluation forms.

Using emPerform’s robust forms and workflow builders, customers can also create custom On-Demand Forms to suit their needs.

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And yes, On-Demand Forms are included as part of emPerform’s low subscription license fee. For less than $3/user/month, you can get started with easy, complete and 100% automated performance management, feedback, peer reviews, compensation planning, and more. Existing clients can upgrade to version 5.2 at no additional cost. Please contact us to learn more. 1.877.711.0367