C&K Management Uses emPerform to Improve Consistency & Quality of Employee Reviews and to Align Employee and Corporate Goals

C&K Management’s employee appraisal process was paper-based, time consuming and often ignored by employees. C&K Management was placing a greater importance on appraisals as they represented a significant portion of the employee performance management system and corporate balanced scorecard. In an effort to automate the employee appraisal process and encourage their completion, C&K Management selected CRG emPerform, a web-based performance appraisal system.

emPerform has helped C&K Management:

  • reduce paperwork
  • improve the quality and timeliness of the appraisals
  • align corporate and employee goals

The Situation:

C&K Management, based in Hyderabad, India, offers services in the areas of learning and content management. With over 350 employees, they specialize in eLearning, instructor-led learning, print content, and web content development and management.

Changes to processes uncovered holes:

In an effort to measure and manage corporate performance, C&K Management implemented a Balanced Scorecard. A significant component of the balanced scorecard was a performance management system. Two paper-based employee reviews were completed during the first 18 months of the performance management system. During the evaluation process, C&K Management uncovered a numerous issues with the process.

Employees did not see value:

Additionally, the employees did not see the need for, or the benefit of, the entire evaluation process. As a result, the employees were placing a low importance on the completion of their appraisals.

Evaluation process was labor intensive:

Human resources spent a great deal of time following up with employees and managers regarding the status of their evaluations. Additionally, the amount of paperwork that was being generated was staggering. In fact, the evaluation cycle was experiencing delays in the neighbourhood of three to four months.

Performance feedback was being handled effectively:

Finally, feedback and communication needed to be built into the process. Employees needed to see how their activities and actions contributed to the success of the organization.

The Solution

C&K Management began to search for an employee performance appraisal system that could automate their current evaluation process. Having already developed an employee performance management system, they did not want to have to change their process to fit the software. Additionally, the solution had to be easy enough for all of their employees to use, no matter where they were located in India.

After an extensive search and evaluation process, C&K Management selected CRG emPerform. Easily configurable to meet the specific needs of most organizations, emPerform is easy to use and automates many of the processes and activities involved with a performance appraisal, including workflow notifications, monitoring and reporting.

“emPerform has facilitated the semi-annual review process and allows employees to focus on contributing to the success of C&K Management, not filling in paperwork.” – Ratnavalli, Group Head of HR


Reduced Paperwork:

Completing the review process online has allowed C&K Management to drastically reduce the amount of paperwork that was involved. Additionally, it is much easier for Human Resources to monitor the status of reviews through dashboards, ensuring everything is completed on time. emPerform has also helped support C&K Management’s expansion across India, accommodating the increased number of employees, without increasing Human Resource’s workload and paperwork.

Aligned performance and corporate goals:

Using emPerform, employees are able to clearly see how their activities and actions contributed to C&K Management achieving their corporate goals. As such, the annual appraisal has become relevant to the individual employees. Using emPerform’s powerful reporting engine, C&K Management is able to identify trends and develop new performance metrics for the balanced scorecard and performance management system. C&K Management is now able to align their rewards and recognition program with the actual performance results of the employees.

Consistent & accessible performance reviews:

All employees, regardless of their physical location, are able to access emPerform. Employees are now guided through the entire evaluation process, step-by-step, with email reminders and system generated tasks. emPerform also provides C&K Management employees with a number of tools, such as spell check and libraries, to help them accurately complete their own appraisal. All employees now have a pleasant and consistent experience regardless of physical location.

Increased awareness of the review process:

A number of actions taken by the company signalled the importance of the process; as a result, the entire evaluation process gained greater visibility. First, the process was linked to the balanced scorecard through the performance management system. Secondly, the company invested in and implemented an employee management solution, emPerform, demonstrating the importance of the entire process. Finally, all employees were able to clearly see the criteria on which they were being rated, as well as the rating scales themselves. This helped to demonstrate to each employee how their skills and behaviours were linked to the corporate goals and how they contributed to the company’s success.

  • HR employees are able to make changes to the appraisals and the calculations, without having to rely on the “Excel” expert.
  • Integrating directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP and reduces the amount of data entry time and the data already exists.
  • A performance history is now created for each employee that is accessible on demand.
  • The data within emPerform is available to all employees. Not only can employees access their historical data, but they can enter information throughout the year to make the appraisal process easier and more efficient.
  • emPerform allows FCM to fulfill its Sustainable Organization mandate, the employee appraisal process uses less paper than in the past

Easy Access to Performance Records & Complete Visibility into Status & Approval Tracking

“In terms of our record keeping requirements, the system has made the process very easy and efficient, as well as accurate,” said Sammie. “Additionally, the ability for leaders to access employee historical appraisal and compensation data is a huge plus. Reports are easy to pull, which enables HR to effectively track outstanding reviews as well as provides snapshots of review status.”

Personalized Customer Support from CRG emPerform

ITCU’s commitment to member care and support was echoed in the service levels and personal interactions they receive from emPerform.

“emPerform’s customer service was and continues to be distinctly above any other vendor with whom we work,” said Sammie. “emPerform has been and continues to be our most reliable and trusted vendor in the HR space.”

“From an administrator perspective, the customer service is stellar. We receive very timely and thorough support. The CRG emPerform team is responsive, knowledgeable and very friendly.”

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All employees, regardless of physical location are able to complete their appraisals in a format they are familiar with, at their convenience, in their own language.”

Achieve Performance Management Success with emPerform!


“emPerform rocks! I wish ALL software integrations and systems were this smooth and easy to use. They have world class Customer Service…”

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“Being able to tie performance directly into succession and merit decisions brings everything together full circle and helps employees…”