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Centralized Performance Reviews, Merit Planning & Employee Feedback at Connexus Energy

Minnesota’s largest electric cooperative set out to modernize and streamline its manual process for performance reviews and merit planning with a flexible online solution.

Using emPerform’s complete performance management software, Connexus Energy now enjoys consistent scoring, fairness in rewards, improved visibility into goals, and more thoughtful employee feedback for its valuable talent.

State of Performance Management 2021


State of Performance Management 2021

Performance management (PM) remains one of the most highly scrutinized processes in HR. It affects every employee and involves a good deal of time and emotion — not to mention real consequences for individuals’ careers and organizational performance. This study seeks to ground decisions about performance management in data. The fourth annual research study was conducted to better understand the state of performance management systems and their impact on individuals and organizations today and in the future, especially in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We partnered with to gather new insights and best practices in performance management. Download your free report today and improve performance management practices while adapting them to a fast-changing world.


Top 25 Engagement Survey Questions to Ask to Build High-Performing Teams

The importance of gauging and addressing employee engagement cannot be overstated. Whether you are looking to get started with engagement surveys or would like to revamp your existing measures of engagement, it is essential to include the right questions in your surveys so you can get the most impact and insight out of them. Here are our top 25 engagement survey questions to ask to build high-performing teams.

Back to the Office: Four Tools HR Can Use to Ensure Employee Performance & Well-Being

Back to the Office: Four Tools HR Can Use to Ensure Employee Performance & Well-Being

Starting to bring employees back into the office? Here are four tools HR can use to ensure both employee performance and well-being are balanced and considered when shifting back to the office.

eBook: 9 Reasons You Should be Using the Nine-Box

eBook: 9 Reasons You Should be Using the Nine-Box

This eBook explores the top 9 reasons why your company and HR team should start using the nine-box for effective talent identification, succession planning, and employee development planning.

emPerform in Action! Getting Started with Automated Performance Management – Live Demo

Join us for a free demonstration of emPerform: Easy-to-use, complete & 100% configurable employee performance management software. Learn about the many features and benefits available to you for automating & modernizing your performance management program and engaging your workforce in ongoing feedback & development.