emPerform Unveils Version 5.0 of Its Employee Performance Management Software Suite

Enhanced user experience, mobile accessibility, line-of-sight talent dashboards, competency matrix, and appraisal timelines are among the many updates available in the latest release of emPerform’s employee performance management software suite.

Ottawa, ON – March 21, 2016: emPerform announced today the availability of version 5.0 of its award-winning employee performance management software suite. Along with updates to existing functionality, this latest release includes several new enhancements to increase the accessibility and usability of all modules included in emPerform. A sleek and modern user-interface, accessibility on mobile devices, new talent dashboards with line-of-sight visibility, a behavior-based competency matrix, and helpful appraisal timelines are among the helpful additions to emPerform.

“Our customers place great emphasis on completing their performance appraisals and other talent management processes on time, with accuracy and consistency across the entire company,” said John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for emPerform. “As a solution provider, we ensure the success of our clients by optimizing emPerform for quick and easy adoption and sustained use by end users. The release of emPerform 5.0 reinforces our commitment to optimizing the user experience, knowing that this is a key driver for the overall success of the solution’s adoption.”

New features and enhancements in emPerform version 5.0 include:

  • Mobile Accessibility: With employees increasingly on-the-go and teams often geographically dispersed, remote access to business software is a necessity for many organizations. In version 5.0, emPerform’s entire suite of performance management functionality has been optimized for use on mobile devices – allowing HR, managers and employees to update goals, collect 360° input, send and receive performance feedback, monitor progress and complete appraisal tasks conveniently from anywhere.
  • New User Interface: Building upon emPerform’s inherent simplicity and usability, version 5.0 incorporates improvements to layout options and customization settings. Company branding options can include organization colours and logos in order to give users a more seamless and relevant experience. With a familiar, website-style layout and integrated email notifications, users are able to complete performance management tasks in emPerform on time and with ease.
  • Year-Round Performance Management Process Visibility: With emPerform 5.0, organizations can engage employees in a year-round performance management process. Configurable workflows and an integrated timeline in appraisal forms help end users see and understand exactly what is expected of them throughout the performance management process.
  • Enhanced Direct-Report Management: Unlike most performance management systems where tasks and activities focus on performance appraisals, emPerform 5.0 has made it easier to center performance management initiatives on employees. Managers have access to a list of their direct reports and can now manage current and historical appraisals, feedback, and performance notes from within the newly-enhanced employee profiles.
  • Line-Of-Sight Talent Dashboards: Organization leaders can access key talent dashboards related to their direct reports as well as line-of-sight metrics to monitor and drill down into their entire division or department.
  • Behavior-Based Competency Matrix: New to emPerform 5.0 is functionality that enables organizations to further define job skills and competencies using specific behaviors. emPerform’s competency-matrix breaks down evaluation criteria into key behaviors which are then rated and rolled up into final scores. Using emPerform’s existing tag™ functionality for real-time feedback and journaling, organizations can ensure performance ratings are based on actual behaviors and trends.

“To meet the growing demand to refresh and re-invent tired and outdated performance management processes, organizations are looking to go beyond process automation, to re-tooling and augmenting annual appraisals,” said Smith. “emPerform’s latest release solidifies emPerform’s ongoing commitment to deliver user-friendly, affordable, and all-inclusive software to help organizations bring their performance management processes up to date in order to meet the demands of a modern workforce. With an entire suite of easy-to-use and accessible features, companies are able to better engage managers and employees in ongoing goal management, performance feedback, 360° peer reviews, and meaningful appraisals.”

Version 5.0 is available at no extra cost to existing emPerform customers. To learn more about emPeform 5.0, click here to take the tour or visit www.employee-performance.com to explore all the features available in emPerform.

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