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Get the Video: How to Ensure Your Performance & Compensation Review Processes are Aligned

See how you can tackle common compensation/merit review challenges and get some practical tips for ensuring your compensation review process is aligned to individual performance and company goals.

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Customer Spotlight: Managers & Employees ‘Rock’ Performance Reviews and Feedback with emPerform

See how Dolese Bros. Co sped-up their review process, enabled ongoing feedback for staff, and transformed their merit-decision making process with emPerform.


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All Packed and Ready to Go! See You Soon

We’re packing our bags for some exciting HR Events and Conferences. We’ll be there to meet with our amazing customers, partners and friends and showcase the latest in emPerform for world-class employee performance management.
Attending these events? Send us an email and we’ll reach out to meet!

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Using Project-Based Performance Reviews to Create a Culture of Ongoing Performance Management

See how emPerform’s new On-Demand form functionality is helping companies tackle project-based reviews for increased engagement and better talent development.

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Easter is Coming: Employees Shouldn’t Have to Hunt for Feedback

A recent study showed that less than 20% of millennial employees surveyed say they receive regular feedback from their manager. Don’t make employees hunt for feedback – give managers the tools needed to engage in ongoing & effective feedback, check-ins and coaching.


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