How to Ensure Your Performance and Compensation Review Processes are Aligned

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Annual employee salary reviews can be time consuming and stressful for managers, employees, HR, and finance. Establishing a streamlined and transparent compensation and rewards process can improve your company’s bottom line by motivating employees, avoiding costly turnover, and aligning merit reviews with corporate budgets and objectives.

Here at CRG emPerform, we frequently hear from HR and managers that they are looking for a merit and bonus allocation process that is fair, consistent, and enhances their performance management efforts, instead of diluting them. Companies are also looking to integrate their performance review platforms with payroll and compensation decisions so that performance and compensation data is accessible, secure, and available for corporate budgeting and reporting. Streamlining performance reviews and compensation planning can drastically reduce the time needed to allocate, approve, and consolidate merit changes and can also help ensure your valuable talent understands how their performance development and rewards are linked.

Watch this recorded webinar and see how we help you tackle common compensation/merit review challenges and offer practical tips to ensure your compensation review process is aligned to individual performance and company goals.

In this webinar recording will cover:

  • Common challenges with annual merit reviews
  • Creating transparency and consistency in compensation decision making
  • How to ensure performance and compensation reviews are aligned and not diluted
  • Empowering compensation managers to allocate rewards fairly to their teams
  • How technology can transform your performance management and compensation review strategies

Resources from the webinar:

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