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Our library of brochures, guidebooks, infographics, research and more, is loaded with useful and practical content you can use to refresh and improve your performance management processes and programs.

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eBook: The ROI of Performance Management Software

Investment in performance management software and processes pays dividends in talent retention, reduction in turnover, improved engagement, productivity, and bottom-line profits. Download the eBook to learn about the many tangible benefits from effective performance management processes and technology.

eBook: 9 Reasons You Should Be Using the Nine-Box

In this eBook, we explore the top 9 reasons why your company and HR team should start using the nine-box for effective talent identification, succession planning, and employee development planning.

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emPerform Overview Brochure

See why companies around the world trust emPerform for intuitive, streamlined, and flexible performance management. Engage your workforce and boost results with online reviews, 360° assessment, ongoing feedback, succession planning, surveys, compensation management & reporting  all in ONE software solution and for ONE low price.

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Rating Scale Guidebook

Are your company’s performance rating scales not ‘MEETING EXPECTATIONS’? This guidebook will help you give your performance appraisals the boost they need by choosing where and when to use the right rating scales. Read on to explore the good, the bad, and the necessary aspects of performance ratings and learn practical tips for helping HR to collect the input they need, without discouraging managers and employees.

Performance management software buyer’s checklist

Performance improvement plan (PIP) template

Performance rating scale guidebook

A manager’s checklist for employee check-ins

How to build your own nine-box talent matrix

Training managers to give effective feedback

Infographics & Performance Management Research Reports

15 Signs that you need to improve employee performance management

15 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Performance Management Processes

5 Ways an emPerform Integration Will Make You Smile

5 Ways an emPerform Integration Will Make You Smile

The ROI of Employee Performance Management Software

The ROI of Performance Management software

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Whether your organization has 150 employees or 3,000, emPerform’s configurability, affordable pricing model, and all-inclusive suite ensures it is a great fit today and can grow to fit your needs as they change.

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