Compensation Management

Implement a fair & consistent pay-for-performance culture that motivates and engages employee performance and ties rewards to results.

Compensation Management

Implement a fair & consistent pay-for-performance culture that motivates and engages employee performance and ties rewards to results.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets – Forever

Eliminate the hassle of manual and spreadsheet-based merit planning with emPerform.

Get complete compensation management with emPerform

  • Centralize compensation planning and budgets
  • Automatically route compensation plans for approval
  • Allow for easy export and printing
  • Add notes and attachments, and keep signatures in one place
  • Consolidate all compensation changes instantly
  • Give managers detailed compensation change statements to share with employees
  • Ensure transparency, accuracy, and consistency in your rewards process

Save time with an easy-to-maintain compensation program and ZERO spreadsheets

Keep your company’s salary data safe and secure

Easily compile salary decisions into a consolidated report for import into your payroll or HRIS system

Ensure rewards are allocated fairly & consistently throughout your organization

Keep employees motivated and engaged by rewarding them fairly

Empower managers to make effective compensation decisions for their team

Quickly establish a pay-for-performance culture where success is tied to rewards

Automatically route compensation plans to various decision makers for approval

emPerform’s Compensation Manager provides a structured and consistent process that lets companies tie merit, salary or bonus decisions to organizational objectives and performance.

Set compensation budgets, deadlines & approval routing

Factor in compa-ratios, multi-currencies and salary/hourly amounts

Set your ranges & recommendations based on performance

Pro-rate salary changes and decisions for merit, bonus, or promotion changes

Compensation Management Your Company Will Love ♥

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Managers will ♥…

having the tools & information they need to make effective compensation decisions for their team – all in one place.

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HR will ♥…

saving time with an easy-to-maintain compensation program and zero Excel spreadsheets.

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Employees will ♥…

that their contributions are fairly rewarded – helping to motivate and engage performance.

How emPerform Compensation Manager Works:

Step 1


Step 1: Employee performance data is collected in emPerform

  • Performance reviews
  • Employee self-assessments
  • 360° multi-rater reviews
  • Surveys
  • Direct import


Based on your weights and measures, a final performance score is calculated and fed into emPerform’s Compensation Manager.

Step 2


Step 2: emPerform calculates compensation recommendations and displays all budgets


emPerform’s configurable Compensation Manager gives one place where your managers and compensation leaders can make quick, fair, and accurate compensation changes for their teams.

  • Merit-based increases
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses
  • Variable pay adjustments
  • Anniversary adjustments


emPerform can display recommendations, mid/max points, and compa-ratio details and will automatically pro-rate recommendations and adjust for multiple currencies. Users can allocate a budget to each compensation group, enabling them to make decisions within established guidelines.

Step 3


Step 3: Compensation plans are assigned & completed – on time!


We understand that every organization has a unique salary-planning process. As such, compensation reviews can be assigned to specific managers or department-heads in charge of making recommendations for employee groups.


Just like emPerform performance reviews, compensation plans can be routed to multiple levels of approval automatically – ensuring plans are completed by the right people at the right time. Status dashboards and automated alerts ensure compensation decisions are submitted on-time.


Automated budget tracking, approval workflows and status reports ensure pay for performance decisions are completed on time and on-budget.

Step 4


Step 4: Results are automatically compiled and ready for reporting & export!


Gone are the days of HR spending days compiling compensation spreadsheets! Once all compensation plans have been submitted and approved in emPerform, managers and HR administrators can easily download a single consolidated view for complete reporting and easy export. Voila!


Want to make things even easier? Ask about integration options to and from any existing HRIS, payroll, enterprise resource planning, or workforce management system!

Whether your organization has 50 employees or 3,000, emPerform’s configurability, affordable pricing model, and all-inclusive suite ensures it will be a great fit out of the gate and can scale and evolve to fit your needs as they change.

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More than performance review

With emPerform, you get complete employee performance management software at your fingertips.


Online Performance Reviews

100% automated reviews, self-assessments, PIPs and more & configurable to your needs.


Goal & Development Tracking

Set and track goals and development plans year-round.


360° Multi-Rater Assessments

Create a culture of excellence & accountability.


Year-Round Feebdback

Give employees the timely feedback needed for success.


Nine-Box Talent Matrix

Make crucial succession decisions integrated & interactive nine-box talent matrix


Pay-for-Performance Planning

Motivate & engage employees with performance rewards tied to results.


Performance Dashboards

Access over 100 out-of-the-box reports + user dashboards


Best Practice Templates

Choose from best-practice templates & configure to suit your needs.


Data Integrations & SSO

Ensure your workforce is aligned and on-track for success

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