Insights and practical tips for performance management, HR Tech and talent enablement.

On-demand Webinars

MasterClass: Modernizing Performance Reviews So They Actually Work

In this session, we break down the essential elements of successful performance management, focusing on people, purpose, processes, content, and tools. Discover how to align goals, performance, and results more effectively and create a performance management program that energizes and supports your unique workforce.

Say goodbye to outdated practices and hello to a new era of impactful performance reviews. Get ready to revolutionize your approach and unleash your organization’s full potential!

Belonging: The Next Frontier in Promoting Thriving Workplaces

Emerging evidence suggests that developing strategies, programs, and practices to foster a sense of belonging goes beyond engagement and makes all the difference.

We partnered with HR.com and Dr. Aleen Bayard to bring you this impactful session. Watch now to learn about the positive benefits of fostering belonging within the context of organizational life and how investing in this area will help your organization create winning teams and solid foundations of people and working that are needed to navigate the future.

To the Rescue: Top 5 Review Templates You Can Use to Boost Performance, Engagement & Retention

At their best, performance reviews motivate employees, increase engagement, and launch organizations to new levels of alignment and achievement. At their worst, they can intimidate staff, judge work, and devalue team effectiveness.

On this on-demand webinar, we will share everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years helping companies to create powerful performance management programs that drive results.

Changing the Focus in Performance Management: From Evaluation to Enablement.

In this live session with host, Dr. Edie Goldberg, we offer insights on the issues with traditional performance management, and how companies can adjust to enable their teams and talent for effective performance management today. Watch now an reveal how to shift the focus of performance management from ‘evaluation’ to ‘enablement and empowerment’.

Reviving the Performance Review: Employee Performance Management for a Modern Workforce

Tips and tricks for reviving your company’s performance management processes to help engage employees in today’s modern workforce setting. Watch as we explore the common pitfalls of traditional performance reviews, what elements of performance management should be put down and what should be rescued and re-tooled, and three modern appraisal models that can work for 90% of organizations. During the video, we dive into everything from rating scales to choosing the right content – all to provide you with useful action-items you can implement today to modernize your performance appraisals and boost employee engagement.

Using SMAART Goals to Engage Employee Performance

It isn’t a typo – we’ve added another level to the traditional SMART goal framework to make goals and objectives crystal clear for employees. In this session host, Marnie Green, outlines a proven and easy framework for ensuring your company’s talent has a path to success with brilliant and achievable goals.

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