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October 21, 2020

emPerform in Action – Automate & Streamline Performance Management: Live Demo

Date/Time: October 21, 2020 |  1:00PM – 2:00PM ET

Looking for ways to engage employee performance & align goals in this time of distancing and change? We have you covered! Join us for a free live demonstration of CRG emPerform: easy-to-use, complete & 100% configurable employee performance management software. Learn about the many features and benefits available to you for automating & streamlining performance reviews and engaging your workforce in ongoing feedback & development.

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October 22, 2020

HR in Healthcare: Online Employee Performance Management

Date/Time: October 22nd, 2020 | 1PM – 2PM ET

Learn how hospitals, healthcare clinics, long term care facilities, and other vital healthcare providers are relying on emPerform to automate and streamline all aspects of performance management and transform how they align, develop, reward and engage employees. Join and us and see real-world examples of how other HR teams have transformed performance management with modernized performance reviews, strategic development programs, more frequent feedback and check-ins, 360 peer assessments, talent identification and succession, and merit allocation. 

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How to Build Value in Performance Management + Compensation Planning

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Get tips and advice for enabling more ongoing performance management

Transform Static Performance Reviews Into an Ongoing Employee Performance Management Process

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How to Ensure Your Performance and Compensation Review Processes are Aligned

How to Ensure Your Performance and Compensation Review Processes are Aligned

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Project-Based Performance Reviews Made Easy Flexible On-Demand Project Reviews Anywhere…Anytime

Project-Based Performance Reviews Made Easy

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Check out these tips & tricks for reviving & re-tooling your company’s performance management processes.

Reviving the Performance Review

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Learn practical tips for choosing where and when to use the right performance rating scales.

emPerform Academy: Rating Scale Bootcamp

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Engage your organization in ongoing and effective employee management.

Continuous Performance: How to Flip the Switch

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Discover new processes to better engage a modern workplace.

Reclaim Performance Management: New Processes for a Modern Workplace

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Painless Performance Evaluations: It’s Time to Rip-Off the Band-Aid

Painless Performance Evaluations

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Learn how to build an effective strategy to manage the retention and performance of your new hires.

Onboarding for Success

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Learn everything you will need for conducting painless performance evaluations…

Conducting Painless Performance Evaluations

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Discover a painless strategy for creating SMAART goals.

SMAART Goals to Manage Employee Performance

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See how to influence employee performance through year-round revews

Painless Performance Conversations

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Learn the importance of performance feedback and how companies can…

The F-Word: Tackling Performance Feedback

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Follow these great tips & tricks for effective goal management.

Goal Setting for Results

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Check out how to avoid the top mistakes in talent management.

The Top 10 Mistakes in Talent Management