How to Create a Performance Management & Compensation Planning Process that Drives Value

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We partnered with to deliver a knowledge-packed webinar to help companies build a performance management + compensation planning process that drives value!

With today’s delicate and changing workforce climate, HR teams and business leaders are looking for new ways to keep staff aligned and engaged. To ensure your employees are being consistently developed and incentivised to perform well, it is essential that company performance management and and compensation planning processes be examined, optimized, and any changes rolled out immediately. Companies today must go beyond traditional, manual performance reviews and excel-based salary planning and make the move to modernized and automated performance management software.

In this webinar, John Smith, Director of Enterprise Resource Planning at CRG emPerform, will dive deep into the many moving parts of effective performance management. See first-hand how companies are leveraging the power of CRG emPerform for automated, streamlined and complete employee performance management and compensation planning. Finally, this webinar will outline the top benefits of using performance and compensation management software and how to make the business case for adopting these tools quickly into your organization so that your HR team can properly navigate the changing needs of employees and the company.

What you’ll learn:

  • The many moving parts of effective performance management and compensation planning
  • How to ensure your performance management processes are aligned to rewards
  • How to make a case for performance management and compensation planning software
  • Real-world examples of how companies are using CRG emPerform for complete & modern performance management: online reviews, feedback & check-ins, 360° assessments, ad-hoc reviews, PIPs, talent identification & pay-for-performance


Please note, in order to obtain your HRCI & SHRM or WorldatWork credit, you must view this webcast on the website here.

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Go beyond once-a-year reviews to easy and effective year-round performance management!

More than just automated reviews, emPerform makes it easy to capture ongoing feedback & journal notes, update goals year-round and engage employees and managers in effective ongoing performance management.

 Make journal notes & send feedback year-round
Engage managers & employees in ongoing coaching
Recognize employee milestones throughout the review cycle
Access feedback within performance reviews to support ratings

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