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emPerform Transforms Performance Management at Mortgage Bankers Association

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Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is the leading national association representing the real estate finance industry. With over 2,200 member companies, MBA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., spearheads efforts to bolster the strength of residential and commercial real estate markets nationwide. MBA supports over 300,000 professionals and is dedicated to expanding homeownership, enhancing access to affordable housing, and upholding fair lending practices.

The Challenge: Disjointed and Manual Performance Management

Before implementing emPerform, MBA’s performance management process was very manual. MBA relied on Word documents for various stages of the performance management cycle, including goal setting, mid-year reviews, and end-of-year assessments.

The manual nature of MBA’s processes created a disjointed experience for staff and made it challenging to keep track of each employee’s progress and achievements. Difficulty tracking performance also led to accountability issues and missed opportunities to provide feedback. Additionally, generating HR reports was both tedious and time-consuming

The Impact of emPerform at MBA:

Since launching emPerform in 2020, MBA has experienced powerful improvements in operations, accountability, and the quality and quantity of performance feedback.

“The shift from manual processes to emPerform has been a game-changer. emPerform has significantly reduced the time and effort needed to track reviews and generate reports – that’s time our HR team can put into other valuable organizational initiatives.”

–  Wes Horne, HR Business Partner, MBA

Less Time Spent Tracking Performance

By automating performance management tracking and reporting, emPerform has allowed MBA to track performance, goals, feedback, and achievements in real time. This automation eliminates manual HR tasks and allows MBA to drill down into performance metrics and insights for better visibility and decision-making.

Improved Accountability

emPerform has empowered employees with a holistic view of performance, offering clarity around expectations and actionable steps toward goal achievement. This approach has helped drive a positive shift towards accountability and communication.

Employees and managers now have better discussions about goal progress, strengths, and development opportunities and can proactively re-align as needed.

Better Feedback for Staff

Being a cloud-based tool, emPerform provides a single online source of truth for all performance reviews, feedback, goals, and history. MBA uses emPerform’s tag module to track all performance journals and feedback in one place, so leaders have one place to document observations, meetings, and feedback.

The ease of centralizing notes and feedback has allowed MBA to increase the quality and quantity of feedback. It has helped support managers in sharing critical feedback and praise across the organization in real-time.

Seamless Transition and Support

MBA highlighted the unparalleled support provided by the emPerform team during and after setup. emPerform’s expert implementation team guided MBA through a seamless transition, mitigating potential challenges associated with moving from a manual to an automated system.

MBA plans to expand its existing performance reviews with 360° multi-rater feedback. Having a diverse and cross-functional workforce means there are valuable insights being lost. MBA hopes that by facilitating formal peer input, employees will get a fair account of their performance across teams, and managers will be able to identify gaps for better development planning.


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