A 20/20 View of Performance Management with emPerform at Doctors Vision Group

Doctors Vision Group

Enter emPerform — An Automation Transformation

Automating core business processes is critical in healthcare, where the focus must remain on talent retention, staff development, and patient care outcomes, not manual practices.

In their quest for automation, Doctors Vision Group turned to emPerform. The decision to choose emPerform was influenced by the platform’s rich automation features, executive reporting, and a game-changing tag feature, allowing staff to exchange valuable real-time feedback seamlessly.

Since starting with emPerform, Doctors Vision Group has realized several efficiencies and benefits, including:

• Seamless execution and tracking of anniversary reviews
• Increased feedback for staff
• Improved goal and development tracking
• Better accountability and compliance
• New leadership insights into talent

Seamless Execution of Anniversary Reviews

Doctors Vision Group now relies on emPerform’s automation to keep monthly reviews on track and key staff notified of deadlines. Performance reviews are launched automatically based on review and hire date, and leadership has full status tracking. All clinics can now focus time on patients and not paper.

“We no longer worry if we are missing performance reviews and meetings emPerform keeps our entire process on track,” said Dr. McCann.

“emPerform’s implementation team was excellent. The process was well thought out, logical, and completed in a timely fashion.”

Dr. Wes McCann, CEO & Optometrist at Doctors Vision Group

Increased Feedback for Staff

Employees have embraced the user-friendly platform, particularly praising the tag feature for fostering a culture of open communication.

Staff can use tag daily to send and receive feedback, ensuring timely recognition of accomplishments and helping managers have better conversations with employees.

Improved Goal and Development Tracking

Accessing emPerform online throughout the year allows managers and staff to set and track key goals and development plans.

Continuously monitoring performance allows leaders to ensure their teams and clinics are aligned for success and on track in key areas. As each cycle closes, Doctors Vision Group plans to use historical reviews to better reflect on performance and plan staff development.

Better Accountability and 20/20 Insight into
Talent Development

Doctors Vision Group has already noticed a difference in quality and compliance Not only are reviews taking place consistently and on time, but employees are tracking accomplishments, and leadership is more accountable for ensuring they continuously log feedback and progress.

Leadership has found emPerform to be a catalyst for accountability. The platform’s insights into staff development and goal setting also provide a broader perspective for leadership.

Facilitating Discussions and Planning for the

While navigating their first emPerform cycle, the clinic found the platform to be a robust facilitator for employee and peer feedback. This laid a solid foundation for meaningful discussions during one-on-ones and reviews.

Looking Ahead with emPerform:
Beyond Jobs to Careers

As the clinic becomes more entrenched in emPerform, there’s excitement about its potential for future staff development. Completing each cycle will allow one to reflect on past achievements, fostering an environment where staff can build
careers, not just jobs.

With performance management running smoothly, the clinics can focus management energy on growth and staff can focus on what matters most — quality patient care.

See performance clearly
with emPerform.

Doctors Vision Group

Achieve Performance Management Success with emPerform!