Succession Planning & Talent Identification

Identify key talent & make succession decisions using emPerform’s Nine-Box talent matrix

Compare the performance and potential of individual employees and departments

Identify future leaders & employees with the potential to move into new roles

Compare results and calibrate ratings to ensure consistent scoring across teams

Easily adjust the performance vs. potential filters to suit your needs

Nine-Box Succession Screen in emPerform

CRG emPerform’s dynamic Nine-Box Talent Matrix allows HR & managers to identify top performing employees & plan fore the future

Incorporated directly into emPerform, the Succession Manager and  Nine-Box Talent Matrix allow HR and managers to draw from the performance history of employees through past performance reviews, 360° multi-rater reviews and surveys to readily identify the individuals that have the performance and potential to meet new challenges.

Succession planning & career development at your fingertips.

Use the data you collect in performance reviews and surveys for decision-making and insight! Pull metrics from any appraisal form, survey or 360° review to generate an insightful nine-box grid for the entire company, or select employee groups. Incorporate vital career planning questions directly into any performance review to engage employees in career development conversations.

You can also use the Nine-Box to compare other vital talent metrics like Goal Ratings vs. Competency Scores or  Values vs. Skills.

Succession Planning in emPerform

Succession Reporting in CRG emPerform

powerful and flexible reporting allows for the real-time reporting and delivery of succession metrics

 Promotion timing reports
 Promotion readiness reports

 Talent pool reports
 Competency gap analysis

 Rating calibration reports
 Historical performance analysis

And of course, the Nine-Box is included in emPerform at no additional cost.

Did we mention everything is included? You get it all – for one great price!

Explore emPerform’s Nine-Box Talent Matrix in This Short Video

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