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Ongoing Employee Feedback

Engage Employees & Managers in Timely Coaching & Year-Round Feedback with CRG emPerform tag™ 

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Create a culture of instant employee feedback & ongoing performance coaching.

Send feedback and make performance notes year-round

Engage your workforce in frequent performance discussions

Recognize employee milestones throughout the review cycle

Add notes & feedback to any review form

Send feedback to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime

Increase the accuracy of ratings and comments

Collect Ongoing Employee Feedback from Multiple Sources

CRG emPerform tag makes it easy to capture valuable performance feedback from peers, managers or even HR – facilitating recognition across teams or departments, giving employees timely coaching, and giving managers and HR a complete view of performance.

Learn More About tag for Ongoing Feedback in This Short Video:

Journal notes can be tagged to employees – allowing for easy sorting and access inside performance reviews.

Because tag is accessible on mobile devices, it is easy to send feedback and make notes from anywhere.

Configure tag to suite your culture – you decide the level of usage and security you want.

Feedback can be sent directly to employees for instant recognition – alerts will let them know when feedback has been sent.

Drive Performance with Year-Round Employee Feedback

Less than 20% of millennials say they get regular feedback from their manager! We can do better than that!

According to a Gallup report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, only 19% of millennials say they receive routine feedback.

That’s why CRG emPerform tag™ makes it easy for managers and peers to document notes and send feedback to anyone, anytime, from anywhere – helping to acknowledge performance, boost employee satisfaction, and develop performance for company success.

emperform performance management software

Included at No Extra Cost with CRG emPerform

Get started today and engage your workforce in timely, frequent and valuable feedback.

Boost the Frequency & Quality of Employee Feedback in Your Organization

Using tag, managers and employees can:

send feedback & create performance journals year-round
recognize employee milestones as they happen
allow for easy 360° feedback anytime, from any device
ensure employees get the feedback needed to succeed
document check-ins and 1:1 meetings with ease
improve the quality of performance comments and ratings

tag is included as part of CRG emPerform’s full-featured performance management software suite – you don’t pay a cent extra! Request a Quote

CRG emPerform tag for Employee Feedback

Document Behaviors, Accomplishments & Check-Ins

Don’t let valuable information slip through your fingers. Give employees rich and timely feedback and help managers to centralize and access performance notes.

Help Avoid Bias in Performance Reviews

Document and centralize observations and performance notes – decreasing bias and supporting performance review comments.

Were there any major milestones in the last 6,8,10 months?”

How did the employee perform at the beginning of the year?”

She did well last quarter…so I guess she did well this quarter too!”

Did we mention everything is included? You get it all – for one great price!

Complete Employee Performance Management at Your Fingertips

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