There are times when we don’t have the most accurate view of how our actions (both good and not-so-good) and styles are perceived and received by others. This lack of awareness is incredibly damaging and risky for anyone in a leadership or management position.  One of the best ways to develop as a leader or [...]

How to Give 360° Feedback to Your Peers Feedback is a vital component of a productive workplace. In the past, feedback has been mostly limited to owners or higher-ups commenting on the performance of those they manage. However, more managers are now embracing the idea of the 360° feedback concept, where peers are encouraged to […]

More companies are choosing to enhance their review processes by incorporating 360° feedback (a.k.a. peer feedback)  into their appraisals and decisions. Why? 360°’s are a powerful tool with an important purpose – to harness the power of rich multi-faceted perspectives to identify strengths and weakness and develop performance. 360° feedback provides multiple angles on specific […]

In most offices, the annual review process can be less than ideal. Even when a review strategy is built around clear productivity goals, it isn’t guaranteed that those goals will be communicated properly and in many workplaces, goals remain unclear even as weak and inconsistent review protocols are carried out year after year. The most […]