Natalie Trudel

What isn’t distracting about a long-awaited North American summer? The long days, persistent sunshine, and breath-slowing heat are more than welcomed by the masses. After spending what feels like an eternity in the cold anticipating the arrival of this magnificent season, it is only natural to want to enjoy it. As I’m writing this, I can’t help but glance out of my window and daydream about lounging by the pool without a care in the world except for refreshing my cold drink. Where was I? Oh yes…  Unfortunately, the economy does not take summers off and business must go on. Should organizations be worried that their distracted summer workforce will, inadvertently, allow company productivity to dip during the summer months?

It is true that most employees take extended vacations during the months of June –September in order to enjoy the summer with family and friends. School schedules and great weather make this time of year perfect for taking holidays. The scramble to coordinate vacations and the backlog of action items that result is often a concern for managers and companies; however, there may be some consoling facts about summer vacations and their impact on performance. Read More