Help Your Supervisors Become Performance Managers!

Company success is riding on how well your managers are able to assess, coach, and reward employee performance and development. Completing accurate reviews and ensuring year-round goal management, coaching, and feedback are carried out and documented can be kryptonite for even the best of the best.


What can HR do to help managers transform how they approach appraisals and coaching? It’s time to let emPerform step in and help!


  • Power Writing Assistance: All managers struggle at times to deliver the right comments and feedback in appraisals. With automated writing assistance tools built right into your performance management software, HR can swoop in with suggested content for managers to use to support their ratings.


  • Amazing 360° Vision: Without access to super-human vision and hearing, having an easy way to collect and use 360° peer feedback inside reviews is the best way to make sure supervisors have a true view of performance and are properly rating and rewarding employees.


  • Notes & Feedback in a Flash: Trying to remember a year’s worth of employee performance and documenting coaching & feedback is an enormous task for your company’s supervisors. Give managers a simple way to send and receive instant feedback and attach files and notes throughout the year – you’ll be surprised how accurate and fair assessments can be when managers are given this power.


  • Faster than a Speeding Bullet: Tired of reminding managers to get appraisals and compensation plans completed? The days of HR being the villain are over! With easy online access, automated email reminders and status dashboards, your software can work for you to keep managers and employees on-track and ensure appraisals are submitted on-time.


Give your managers the tools they need to take your performance appraisals soaring to new heights. emPerform comes standard with manager assistance tools as well as the features and functionality that your company needs to execute a winning talent strategy – all in one easy-to-use package.


Get Started! See how easy it can be to get powerful online appraisals and super manager assistance tools. Contact us to request pricing or to schedule a demo. 1.877.711.0367