It’s that time of year again – review season. Since 2004, emPerform’s award-winning online performance management software has been giving organizations, HR leaders, managers & employees a sure-fire cure for the pains of the common appraisal.

Do you need relief from any of these appraisal season symptoms?

  • Nightmares trying to distribute and collect paper appraisal forms?
  • Dizziness when trying to organize an effective 360° peer feedback strategy?
  • Drowsiness when attempting to create evaluation forms to assess job-specific competencies?
  • Stabbing pain in the neck trying to extract valuable talent metrics?
  • Flaring of the nostrils when chasing down managers for completed evaluations?

Or do your employees & managers suffer from these evaluation ailments?

  • Numbness of the brain when attempting to provide effective performance feedback?
  • Memory loss when trying to submit reviews on-time?
  • Headaches from attempting to create effective goals that are aligned to company objectives?
  • Watery eyes when trying to stay on-top of team performance year-round?

We can help! Our all-inclusive software and expert team can help get you set up with world-class performance management software and proven processes. emPerform was built to be easy to use, simple to maintain, and to contain all of the functionality needed to easily and effectively align, develop, reward & retain talent.

Tough on Appraisal Pain – Easy on the Budget. Everything is included!

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