Review season is just around the corner! And this time, in addition to the standard challenges that accompany the review process every year, you’ll be facing a new conundrum. Why? Because you’ve added a few employees to your roster who simply can’t be boxed into your existing review protocols. And if you subject these employees to a standard evaluation of performance (using your typical five point system based on ten metrics or ten point system based on five metrics), the results will be absolutely meaningless, if not downright damaging.

Maybe you hired these employees as unique independent contractors, or maybe you brought them on board because they have rare talents in a very specific area, and they can’t or shouldn’t be expected to meet any performance metrics that lie outside this area. Maybe your employees are taking on additional or temporary responsibilities outside their standard scope, like an accountant who happens to pitching in to help repair the gutters on the roof. Or maybe your company is flexible, innovative and Read More