The Future of

Performance Management 2023

Is your organization ready to elevate performance management to new heights? We’ve partnered with, to gather key trends and insights into the state of performance management. This survey provides a profound understanding of the evolving landscape of performance management.

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Key Findings:

1. Accurate Performance Representation: Less than a third (30%) of HR professionals believe their current performance management process accurately portrays employee performance. Learn how to implement a transparent evaluation system that maximizes true potential.


2. The Rise of One-on-One Meetings: 32% of respondents indicate a remarkable surge in the frequency of one-on-one meetings between employees and managers. Explore how this trend fosters better communication, strengthens relationships, and drives employee development.

3. Empowering Managers through Training: Only 31% of respondents agree that managers have received sufficient training in performance management. Find out how investing in managerial training can boost employee engagement and workforce productivity.


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