3 Questions to Ask I.T. Before Selecting Your Performance Management Software

Question marks flloating in the matrixChoosing your company’s Employee Performance Management software can seem like a hefty task. After all, there are many process and business requirements to map out and details to consider before choosing the right vendor and platform that is just right for your needs.  But in the midst of finalizing your requirements, don’t forget about IT. What about your technical requirements? Your new software is after all a technical purchase and does require some consideration for your company’s technical needs and regulations.

Don’t worry – when it comes to mapping out technical requirements, there are 3 questions you should ask:

1. How much does my IT team need to be involved? To answer this, start by deciding which deployment option you prefer – hosted (SaaS) or on-premise. Many businesses prefer the low-maintenance and quick set-up of a hosted solution however there are some organizations whose technical infrastructure can support an on-premise solution or whose regulatory environment insists that all data be stored on-site. If you are free to decide, choose a software platform that requires minimal tech support (and I’m sure your IT team would agree). The best and more versatile platforms, like emPerform may require IT assistance for the initial set up. But after that, a great system allows modifications to forms and workflows with limited IT involvement.

2. Is the solution a fit for my technical needs? Don’t worry, few people outside your technical team are able to answer this with certainty. We recommend that you involve your IT staff in the selection process by asking them to outline the technical requirements for either a hosted or on-premise solution and by asking them to revise any technical terms of the contract. Some common technical elements include integration requirements, hardware requirements, single-sign on requirements and backup requirements.

3. How will I need my IT team on an ongoing basis? Look into the future and determine how you’ll handle upgrades. An on-premises upgrade usually requires a few hours of IT labor, while a hosted services requires none. Make sure any IT time required is outlines and agreed upon before implementing your software – that way your IT team is aware of what they are responsible for during and after implementation.

Choosing a performance management software platform can sometimes sound a lot more complicated that it has to be. The right vendor will work with you from the beginning to determine your exact requirements (business and technical) and guide you through the process. To learn more, visit: https://employee-performance.com/deployment_options.html