Appraisal Headaches Got You Down? Enter to Win a $100 Spa Gift Card!

shutterstock_155549153HR Pros and Business leaders can sometimes have it rough when it comes to executing an effective performance management strategy. Whether it’s chasing down managers for completed appraisals, sorting through a pile of review forms, trying to engage employees in effective goal setting and even trying to coach managers to provide ongoing feedback – it can all lead to one big headache! And we want to hear all about it!

Tell us your biggest appraisal headaches and be entered into a draw for one of 2 $100 Spa Gift Cards. 


Timely submission and finalization of appraisals is my biggest headache.”

“My biggest appraisal headache is getting people to actually complete the appraisals.. There are many obstacles that stand in their way.”

“My biggest challenge as an HR professional is trying to encourage managers to provide meaningful and direct feedback, even in areas for development.”

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