horrorWith review season right around the corner, we can almost hear HR cringe as they gear up for what can be a scary time.

When confronted with reviews and self-assessments, employees suddenly start dragging their feet like zombies, managers begin dodging you in the halls like you are toting a chain saw, and HR is forced to hop on their brooms to enforce deadlines and ensure accurate completion of reviews. To top off the gory mess, many of the reviews that ARE submitted are bone-chillingly inconsistent and…on paper! Does this Horror Show sound familiar?


Get started now with an all-inclusive performance management solution that will end the nightmare and transform evaluations into a dream.

  • Customizable online evaluation forms – make it easy for managers & employees to complete reviews.
  • Status Dashboards & Email Alerts – help guarantee that appraisals are completed on-time.
  • Writing Assistant Tools & Content Libraries – give managers the support needed to complete meaningful reviews.
  • Year-Round Feedback & Journaling – ensures coaching & acknowledgement happens all year.

And there’s more to this happily ever after – emPerform includes a full suite of talent management functionality to help automate reviews and streamline performance management – all in one easy-to-use solution and all for a price that will make you regret not starting earlier.

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P.S. – Happy Halloween from the emPerform Team!