The emPerform Team has returned from a wonderful week in Toronto where we participated in the 2011 HRPA Conference and Expo.

I would like to thank all the attendees who stopped by the shiny new emPerform booth as well as the many customers and partners who we had the chance to see.  A special thanks also goes out to HRPA for organizing a very successful event and for hosting several expo hall functions which gave us the opportunity to mingle with the conference attendees.

We have recently welcomed several fellow Canadian firms such as Dalsa and Forensic Technology to the emPerform customer list and based on our interactions at HRPA I must say that it seems as though more and more of the Canadian HR industry is getting on board with automating vital HR processes.  We were fortunate enough to meet many event attendees and I presented live demos in the booth to crowds of interested parties. I was happy to see that automation isn’t just a want; it is rapidly becoming a need for many Canadian companies. This is good news for Canada as it means that businesses are striving to maintain a competitive edge by focusing on properly managing their talent base.

We believe that our product was of interest at the HRPA event because companies can’t afford to waste any more time and money with paper-based systems that don’t offer any metrics. We are happy that we can solve these problems quickly and affordably.

I was also impressed with the initiative shown by the many students that we met. Despite a snow day, many of them braved the Toronto storm in order to browse the expo floor.  It seems as though they are actively seeking to learn about the tools that they will be using once they enter the workforce and as such took a keen interest in forward-thinking technologies such as emPerform. We would like to wish all of the attending students the best of luck in their studies and future career endeavors.

Overall, congrats to all for a successful event. This was the perfect kick off for a busy year of shows. We look forward to following up with our fellow Canadians and hope to see you all again soon!

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