Employee Math

As we hear over and over again in the world of HR and talent management, a company’s most valuable form of capital is its human capital. This tends to hold true regardless of the company’s size, its years in the marketplace, or its industry sector. People are often the most expensive asset a company may hold, but they’re also the most central to organizational success. So what can you do to make sure to reach your goals by helping your employees reach theirs? Keep these tips in mind.

The math is simple: Employee Performance Equals Company Success

  1. Keep all channels of communication open all the time. Effective managers and HR staff maintain open door policies and never shut down or close out workers who ask for resources that can help them do their jobs. These employee performance resources may include anything from better tools, to more reliable software, to flexible schedules, to compensation for independent training and education programs. But managers can’t help if they aren’t listening to their employees.
  2. Keep track of employee performance as well as growth. Software tools like emPerform can support this effort. If you keep accurate records of the past and clear goals in mind for the future, you’ll be able to easily identify low performers who are making great progress, and you’ll also be able to spot high performers who are starting to stagnate.
  3. Each employee in your workplace carries two sets of goals: one set relates to the company and its mission, and the other relates to the long term path of his or her own career. Respect both of these goal sets equally, and do everything you can to help employees advance steadily and reach their personal milestones. The more seriously you take an employee’s individual career path, the more seriously this person will take the future of the company.

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