R.I.P. Spreadsheets | How to Automate Employee Compensation Planning

RIP SpreadheetsEmployee Compensation Planning – With ZERO Spreadsheets

It’s the pain of sending and compiling compensation planning spreadsheets that we hear the most about, but most companies are still using Excel for employee salary decision making and pay-for-performance management. According to Ventana 2018 Total Rewards Research, less than half of organizations are confident they’re managing their compensation processes effectively and over 25% of companies rely on spreadsheets exclusively for employee compensation planning.

The reality is that spreadsheets were not structured or setup to track and manage enterprise processes like compensation management, resulting in many HR teams spending an enormous amount of time managing templates, tracking workbooks, compiling data, and reporting on results.

If your HR team is spending WAY too much time gathering and compiling budgets and salary decisions at the end of the year and you are you looking for a structured and consistent process for allocating salary adjustments and bonuses – we invite you to  say R.I.P to spreadsheets and hello to emPerform’s Compensation Management Module.

CRG emPerform’s Compensation Manager provides a structured and consistent process that lets you tie merit, salary or bonus decisions to organizational objectives and performance.
  • Save days if not weeks of time with an easy-to-maintain compensation program and ZERO spreadsheets
  • Ensure rewards are allocated fairly & consistently throughout your organization
  • Complete compensation planning on-time and on-budget
  • Empower managers to make effective compensation decisions for their team
  • Quickly establish a pay-for-performance culture where success is tied to rewards
  • Automatically route compensation plans to various decision makers for approval
  • Keep your company’s salary data safe and secure
  • Easily compile salary decisions into a consolidated report for import into your payroll or HRIS system
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