Easy & Intuitive Competency-Based Employee Assessments

Ensure your organization’s talent is being evaluated on job-specific skills & competencies.

emPerform makes it easy to assign, track and assess competencies from the company-level right down to each position and track trends and performance results in real-time.

Online Competency-Based Assessments

Create and track unlimited online reviews and competency-based assessments with emPerform.

  • Design the layout, content rating scales and process to suit your company’s needs
  • Choose from one of our best-practice templates or create your own from scratch!
  • Rating & writing assistant tools help managers give fair, accurate ratings and helpful feedback
  • Notifications and reminders go out automatically to ensure on-time completion
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Core Competencies vs. Job-Specific Competencies

Core competencies are unique the set of skills that form the foundation of success for companies. Many companies outline a set of core company competencies for the entire in the form of a value statement. These skills are expected to be observed by all employees and form the DNA of the organization.

Job-specific competencies describe ‘how’ a specific job or role is expected to be performed and what behaviors or skills are expected from employees in their positions. Many companies work with their management team and leadership group to carefully define 5-7 job-specific competencies for every role plus additional for leadership or unique rolls.

Assign Competencies By Position

Assign competencies to the entire organization, or to individual departments, divisions, employee level, or position – increasing the relevance and utility of reviews across the entire organization.

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Use Our Library of Competencies or Import Your Own!

emPerform comes standard with a library of 50 competencies and the ability for an organization to import and/or manually add their own competencies.

Track Competencies Across the Entire Organization

Powerful reporting functionality allows you to report on the status and progress of competencies across your organization. Identify trends and development opportunities to ensure your talent are excelling in these core skills.

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Did we mention everything is included? You get it all – for one great price!

Engage Performance With Online Competency-Based Assessments