2014: The Year of the Employee

20142013 was a great year for emPerform (as was outlined in our 2013 Year in Review post). In the business world, 2013 wasn’t too shabby at all, but 2014 just might be a big one, with a power shift and a focus on the employees, as well as the profits. Research analyst Josh Bersin says that 2014 will be the “Year of the Employee.” Happiness and employee retention will be big concerns for business leadership. Here’s a sampling of the trends the business world can expect to see this year:

Employers Will Encourage Passion in the Workplace. We’re not talking about romantic passion in the workplace here (mind out of the gutter please), but passion for the job. An enjoyable, fun atmosphere where employees want to be at work creates a workplace that can attract new, young talent.

There Will Be Efforts to Improve Leadership. Employers will commit to improving leadership at all levels and will make strong efforts to place millenials into positions of leadership, or mentor those individuals and groom them to move into positions of leadership.

Technology Will Be Simpler and More Widely Used. Bersin suggests that executives and human resource managers will continue to embrace technology in 2014, but they will work to make that more useful. Bersin suggests an example of position vacancy advertisements – employers will make sure that those advertisements are optimized for mobile devices as well as tablets and traditional computers.

Executives Will Change the Evaluation Process. Bersin says that along with a greater focus on employee training, there will also be changes to how employees are evaluated and ranked. There will be more focus on coaching, skill development and recognition for improvement and success in the workplaces.

Changes to the Human Resources Department. Companies will refine the functions of the HR department. Employees will see HR become more driven by data and less focused on efficiency. Companies will use integrated solutions to make their data do more.

We see big things ahead for emPerform this year as well! Planned enhancements to our already feature-rich software will make us an even better fit for small and medium sized businesses looking to automate and streamline talent management. Our new emPerform Express offering will continue to help smaller companies quickly transition from paper evaluations to online, strategic performance management processes. Finally, our recent Award-Winning status will continue to drive our team to focus on innovation for the HR and talent management community – not only helping them to embrace technology, but helping them to align, develop, reward, and retain a world-class workforce and realize true business results.