Partner Spotlight – HirePayoff

As you know, emPerform partners with leading technology and service providers to deliver world-class complimentary solutions to our clients. In order to help spread the word about these valuable alliances, we have started our ‘Partner Spotlight’. Enjoy!

emPerform Partner Spotlight: HirePayoff – Candidate Screening & Assessments

We caught up with Sharon Hulbert, EVP of Business Development at HirePayoff, and asked her to give us an overview of their offerings:

What is HirePayoff?

HirePayoff™ is a leader in designing and implementing candidate screening, assessment, and selection solutions that increase job performance and grow employee engagement. The online HirePayoff™ tool is easy to use, integrates with talent management platforms, and allows companies to assess an applicant’s “Can Do” skills required to learn and perform the job, and the “Will Do” attributes critical to employees engaging in the company’s success.

hire payoffOther services include HireCompliance, a systematic process that utilizes company generated HR data, along with expert compliance review, to uncover problems with HR processes and policies that may put the company at financial or legal risk, and HirePerformance which includes custom recruitment, selection, and compensation consulting.

Whether it is hiring engaged employees, protecting a company’s profits, or increasing employee productivity, HirePayoff™ drives bottom-line results.

What services do you provide?

  • HirePayoff™ – Online applicant assessment that predicts employee engagement
  • HireCompliance – EEO Compliance Review and expert HR Compliance Testimony
  • HirePerformance –Custom development of assessment, compensation, and performance plans


What differentiates you from your competitors?

HirePayoff is not a personality testing company. Through our work with hundreds of companies and our recent research, our online assessment combines questions that test for both the ability to do the job “Can Do” Skills, with the willingness to actually do it, “Will Do” Attributes that predict employee engagement. We set the hiring criteria based on validated industry, job position, job level, and other pertinent information and monitor performance for validation over time. We review new hire performance and adjust if necessary for successful results. No other online testing or assessment company does this.

What businesses should use HirePayoff?

The ideal client for our online assessment solution, recruitment and selection consulting, and HR Audits is a company that wants to reduce turnover, prevent employee lawsuits, get more productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and increase bottom-line profits. While we can work with any company that hires employees, an ideal client for our online assessment will process over 50 applicants a year. Additionally, we work with companies of any size to design and implement custom compensation, recruitment, and selection plans and review HR polices for compliance.

How can someone learn more?

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