“I’ll Take One of Each Please” How to Get Everything on the Performance Management Menu

Talent Management MenuWhen it comes to choosing an Employee Performance Management Software system, you don’t have to limit yourself to an expensive à-la-carte solution. emPerform keeps it simple by serving up a heaping helping of everything you’ll need to satisfy your craving for improved, strategic talent management.

While other software vendors slice their offering into expensive ‘modules’, emPerform comes standard with everything needed to improve and monitor organization-wide performance initiatives. Companies looking for a robust solution can get it all for a price that won’t have you reaching for the antacid.

With emPerform, not only do you get the filet minion of flexible online appraisals, you get all of the fixings: easy succession, SMART goal management, 360° peer reviews, online surveys, social feedback, pay for performance management, unlimited workflows, integration with email and HRIS, not to mention user specific dashboards and over 100 out of the box reports for HR and leaders! – enough functionality to make your mouth water – and everything is included with emPerform in one package for one delectably unbeatable price.

Well Balanced Talent ManagementHaving a well-balanced performance management diet is the key to success. While automating performance reviews and eliminating paper-headaches are very delightful outcome on their own indeed, efficient reviews alone might not be sustenance enough to make a measurable business impact. In order for companies to optimize their people-output and truly get strategic about talent management, they have to be given carte blanche to take performance reviews to a 5 star level. That means getting one powerful and proven solution stuffed with all-inclusive functionality and sprinkled with industry leading support and service – instead of racking up a huge tab for separate performance management tools. So go ahead – order everything from the performance management menu!

Discover the power that emPerform’s easy-to-use software can bring to your talent management strategy. Attend a live one-on-one demo and our experts will show you how emPerform will fit into your organization and answer any questions you might have. Book your live demo now.

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