emPerform Prescription

Since 2004, CRG emPerform has been giving HR professionals the tools they need to streamline and automate their approach to talent management. emPerform’s online performance management software has been helping organizations everywhere transform performance reviews to better align, develop, reward, and retain a top-performing workforce.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Current appraisal process resulting in administrative nightmares?
  • Dizziness when trying to organize an effective 360° peer feedback strategy?
  • Drowsiness when attempting to create evaluation forms to assess job-specific competencies?
  • Stabbing pain in the neck trying to generate talent metrics?
  • Flaring of the nostrils when chasing down managers for completed evaluations?

Our proven software and expert team can help get you set up with world-class software and proven processes. emPerform was built to be easy to use, simple to maintain, and to contain all of the functionality needed to better assess talent: online appraisals, goal and competency management, reporting & dashboards, succession, year-round coaching & feedback, 360° peer reviews, and email alerts.

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What Top Healthcare Facilities are saying about emPerform:

AYN“Organizations looking to streamline to an online performance management process and develop consistency in core and job competencies should definitely use emPerform.”Sandra Pizarro –
VP of Human Capital,
PSHC“emPerform has allowed us to make reviews relevant!”Paul Wynkoop –
VP of Administration
SLM“Employees appreciate a fast and simple evaluation process and managers and HR benefit from having more control over performance data.”Alan Caldwell –
Director of Human Resources