emPerform Welcomes our Newest Partner: Strategia

CRG emPerform recently announced a strategic partnership with Strategia – a well-known LMS solution provider. This partnership will leverage and enhance the industry-leading capabilities of the employee performance management (EPM) software solution of CRG emPerform™, and the learning and compliance solution of Strategia’s Ed Learning System™.

In order to welcome our new partner and to help get everyone up-to-speed on the details, we have asked Marian Trembley, Strategia’s VP of Corporate & Strategic Affairs, to answer a few interview questions.

1. Who is Strategia and what is Ed?

Strategia is a Montreal-based company that specializes in the design and implementation of scalable learning solutions for regulated industries. Strategia has spent over 10 years researching, developing and improving what is now a very robust and secure system: the Ed Learning System.  Strategia’s Ed Learning System offers Tier 1 functionality while being affordable. Strategia’s team provides broad experience and expertise including best practices in learning and compliance management.

Ed by strategiaThe Ed Learning System is an award winning (Reporting and Compliance) SCORM/AICC compliant system to manage and track users’ progress as they follow online courses or any other learning and development activity.  Detailed information is available on an individual and group basis.  Learners’ data can be viewed in real time via dashboards or reports that can be generated and viewed in multiple formats.  Over 90 pre-formatted reports are available for use as is or modified and ad hoc reports can be easily created.  Strategia’s platform also has a powerful skills management system to manage compliance, program certifications and renewal process, as well as competencies, skill gaps and  learning plans. Notices and reminders can also be easily emailed to learners via an automated notification tool within the system. The platform also offers eCommerce functionality. The ed Learning System can be easily integrated with other systems including ERP’s such as emPerform and virtual classrooms.

Strategia’s flagship product is divided into 3 main areas of functionality: 1. LMS: Learning Management, 2. LCMS: Learning Content Management (including an authoring tool), and 3. Skills: Compliance/Certifications/Competencies Management. The Ed Learning System also offers eCommerce, Reporting, Notifications, and Virtual classrooms.

2. What services do you provide?

Strategia offers Consulting, Software Development, Implementation (configuration and training), Integration, Support and Maintenance, and Hosting.

3. What/Who is your “sweet” spot?

Organizations of 1000 to 20,000 in regulated industries (health, food, transport, aerospace, oil & gas) with a need for learning and compliance management.

4. Why should businesses use the Ed Learning System?


  • Global Software System (ERP, HRIS, etc.) or Training Roll Out
  • Managing and tracking compliance/competencies
  • Aligning training with performance and competencies gaps
  • Selling training online

Differentiation Factors

  • Pre-configured but highly configurable (ready to be used on Day 1 but with lots of options)
  • Unified (seamlessly combines all functionality in one system)
  • Flexible (access/security rights, hosting, pricing)
  • Strong foundation for Talent
  • Affordable

 5. How can someone learn more about Strategia?

Contact Marian Tremblay, VP Corporate Affairs – 450-679-8239 x241 or [email protected]

Learn more about Strategia.

The emPerform and Strategia Ed partnership will result in a seamless integration and syncing process between both systems. Customers will be able to access information from within their current instance and sync data back and forth. The result will be an uninterrupted flow for initiating, delivering and tracking employee learning, development, and performance initiatives.

CRG emPerform extends a warm welcome to our newest partner Strategia! If you would like to learn more about this exciting partnership, please contact us.

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