bandaidPainless Performance Evaluations: It’s Time to Rip-Off the Band-Aid

Do you dread facilitating performance evaluations? Is completing your organization’s evaluation form a nightmare? Ever wonder what it takes to get your employees to “go the extra mile?” Performance evaluations don’t have to be painful. With a plan and a few simple tools, every manager or supervisor can use the practice of performance management to multiply results.


If you didn’t make it for the live online event, fear not! This webinar is available on-demand and discusses how you can help your organization’s managers rip-off the Band-Aids of ineffective performance reviews in order to:

  • Achieve organizational objectives
  • Develop the skills and capability of employees
  • See greater productivity with higher quality outcomes
  • Convey clear performance expectations for each employee

marnieBased on the much-anticipated live webinar series ‘Painless Performance Evaluations’ and best-selling book, author and speaker, Marnie Green will deliver practical and easy-to-implement changes that your organization can use to achieve painless and effective performance management.


This live webinar has taken place – get the on-demand video here.

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