We Asked You Answered! Top GIF Contest Caption Submissions

A few weeks back, we posted 17 Amazingly Relatable Performance Management GIFS for HR and asked you to submit your best caption for the 17th GIF.

You submitted your darkest performance management secrets and perpetual nightmares of the current state of your employee appraisals. We had many entries but these were by far our favourites:

Runner-ups & Best Submitted Captions:

  1. “The night before the dreaded annual performance review!”
  2. “When you remember that tomorrow you’re conducting a performance review with THAT employee…”
  3. “The nightmare before you receive your performance review.”
  4. “I woke up in a cold sweat…I was conducting a performance appraisal in my dreams!”
  5. “I wonder if my manager knows that I was the one who released the snake in his office?!?!”
  6. “I need to find a reliable Performance Management system!”
  7. “When you are going to bed, after kicking off the first day of performance reviews, thinking about all the questionable comments that your managers are going to write this year.”
  8. The night before kicking off the annual performance evaluations , and thinking to yourself, “there is just no escape!”
  9. “Twas’ the night before performance reviews when all through the building not a manager was prepared, not even a thing. The goals were outline by HR with care, in hopes that someone was listening and soon would share.”
  10. “When the manager realizes the results of their 360 are being evaluated the next day.”
  11. “Performance reviews are due tomorrow and only 30% have submitted!”
  12. “Was that team objective clear enough?”
  13. “How are we going to engage our new employees?”
  14. “When you wake up from a nightmare that you were back to using paper-based performance appraisals”
  15. “When you know you have to spend tomorrow compiling piles and piles of excel spreadsheets for compensation planning.”

Our favorite Caption and the winner of the Contest is:

“When you know you have to spend tomorrow compiling piles and piles of paper & spreadsheets for reviews & compensation planning.”

Congratulations to the winner! You will be contacted today to claim their prize!!

We’d also like to thank every who participated in the contest, and submitted their true feelings about what areas of performance management keeps them up at night. If you would like to learn more about how emPerform is helping give HR peace of mind when it comes to aligning, developing, rewarding & assessing employees, contact us to book a demo.