Another year – another review cycle. Although every company conducts reviews at different times depending on employee start date, fiscal year-ends, or industry standards, we do see a lot of reviews taking place this time of year. So it’s a perfect time for a few great reminders and tips for ensuing performance reviews recharge all employees for a new cycle.

If not done properly, performshutterstock_202883830ance reviews can be the bane of an employee’s existence and real energy-zappers. But, they are a necessary part of performance management and when performed correctly, they can actually re-energize employees and boost morale. These quick tips can help you conduct a review that excites your employees and creates positive energy within your company.

Four Quick Tips for Energizing Performance Reviews

  1. Focus on Strengths, but Don’t Ignore Weaknesses. When you’re talking with your employees, celebrate their strengths, but be sure to discuss specific weaknesses. Don’t go into attack mode, but frame the conversation around progress that employees are making to address their weaknesses. If possible, use examples of observable behaviors and refer to any notes or feedback that has been given/shared throughout the year.
  2. Help Employee to See How Their Work Adds to the Company. Talk about employee successes in very specific terms – Tell your employee exactly what their success on specific projects did for the company.
  3. Involve Your Employee in Setting Performance Goals. When people have specific goals that they really believe in, they are more motivated to push forward and to perform strongly. When employees are handed a set of goals without having input, it’s more like another task to complete. When employees have some say in their goals and how they’ll achieve them, they take ownership of those goals.
  4. Offer Support in Achieving Goals or Improving Skills. Once you’ve set goals with your employee, at a minimum, cheer them on as they work toward those goals.  If you have access to skills workshops that can help your employees, make those part of the plan you create in the goal setting phase. If an employee feels that they are being supported in making themselves better instead of being ordered to complete more tasks, they are generally happier and more willing to work toward new goals and tasks.

Looking for some other great tips for conducting effective performance reviews?

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