It isn’t news that having a proper onboarding program is vital for retaining and developing talent and yet a surprisingly large proportion of organizations either have no formal practices in place or are using outdated, administrative-based onboarding procedures.

Onboarding goes far beyond handing out key passes and activating voice-mail – it is the difference between an employee starting a new job and an employee becoming part of an organization. If done correctly, onboarding can serve to make new employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings and to minimize the time before new employees are productive members of their new workgroup.

Some eye-opening facts to consider:

  • Retention surveys show that 89% of new hires will determine if they are going to stay with the company within the first 6 months of employment.
  • The estimated costs to replace a mid-level employee can be upward of 80% of their salary and this figure does not include soft costs like loss of knowledge, intellectual property and time and cost to train.

Onboarding does not have to be complicated or time-consuming; it all comes down to creating and enforcing a proven onboarding strategy and then monitoring the outcomes.

Join us Wednesday, December 7th for a complimentary HCI webinar hosted by CRG emPerform. Host Dawn Kohler, CEO of The Inside Coach, will share the insights needed to bring good people on-board and what crucial elements need to coincide within the first 90 days.

All Aboard! Onboarding for Success: A vital 90 day transition is designed to help you build an effective strategy that goes beyond form management to the retention and performance of your new hire; including:

  • Onboarding best practices
  • The 6 elements of the process
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Onboarding results from 600 companies
  • 7 keys to a good onboarding strategy

Host: Dawn Kohler is the founder and CEO of The Inside Coach, a training and development company that offers innovative solutions to enhance workforce excellence.  She is also the founder and former owner of Icon Computer Corporation, where she was awarded finalist for Orange County Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dawn’s clients have included DreamWorks, Comcast, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Spectrum Pharmaceutical, Cameron Health, Kawasaki Motors and more. She holds advanced degrees in business, computer science, and is a Hudson Institute graduate and Certified Executive Coach.

*the live webinar has passed. To download the free archived webinar and slides, click here.