How is your Company tracking its biggest expense people

How are you tracking and optimizing your biggest expense? More than a third of organizational costs are associated with employee compensation and training – and yet few organizations are properly tracking the return on their largest investment. Now more than ever, executives are working with HR to build a stronger workforce and a healthier bottom line.

  • it is estimated that only 59% of employee work-time is productive due to lack of management and clear objectives
  • at a minimum, turnover costs an average of 25% of an employee’s salary – and this figure can be upwards of 400% of a senior executive’s salary
  • the average organization is forfeiting over $1 million per year in untapped potential

It’s time to get strategic about performance management, especially when technology exists that aligns, develops, rewards, and retains employees for increased performance, better decision making, and clear insight into the execution of organizational objectives.

Imagine being able to see the performance health of your entire organization by simply clicking a button. Imagine being able to execute a proper pay-for-performance program. Imagine knowing who your future leaders are today so that you can plan for the future. Imagine being able to develop and retain a workforce of top-performers that will give your company an edge – emPerform does that and so much more!

emPerform’s online talent management suite includes the tools needed to go beyond appraisals to automate and streamline performance management; including:

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