We are pleased to announce that emPerform’s employee performance management software has won a coveted Brandon Hall Silver Award for Best Advance in Performance Management Technology.

We are deeply honored to receive this award. Our team considers the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards among the greatest forms of recognition in the talent management industry today. This award affirms emPerform’s leading position and empowers us to continuously pursue innovation in the field of talent management.”
 – John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for emPerform

The entries were evaluated by an international panel of independent industry experts, Brandon Hall Group senior analysts, and their executive team. The judging was based on the following criteria: value proposition, innovation, unique differentiators, technical functionality, and overall measurable results. 

“We are delighted to be recognized by Brandon Hall Group for emPerform’s advances in performance management technology,” said Natalie Trudel, Marketing Manager for emPerform. “We sincerely thank all esteemed members of the panel for their evaluation efforts, we are appreciative of the validation this recognition gives our product within the performance management space.

Since our inception in 2004, emPerform has continued to add to its robust all-inclusive technology to give organizations an affordable and effective way to align, develop, reward, and retain a competitive workforce. emPerform strives to automate and streamline vital employee performance management efforts for all organizations, from online appraisals to 360° reviews, ongoing feedback, and reporting.

About Brandon Hall Group Inc.

With more than 10,000 clients globally and 20 years of delivering world-class research and advisory services, Brandon Hall Group is the most well-known and established research organization in the performance improvement industry. We conduct research that drives performance and provides strategic insights for executives and practitioners responsible for growth and business results.

Brandon Hall Group has an extensive repository of thought leadership, research, and expertise in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, and Human Resources. At the core of our offerings is a Membership Program that Empowers Excellence Through Content, Collaboration, and Community. Our members have access to research that helps them make the right decisions about people, processes, and systems, combined with research-powered advisory services customized to their needs. www.brandonhall.com

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There is no question that performance management is changing, in fact, 84% of human resources professionals agree that the industry is rapidly altering its processes to suit current needs. With annual performance reviews and appraisals falling out of fashion, companies have begun to adapt by enabling more opportunities for open communication and providing regular feedback and coaching to their team members.

With these changing trends, it is vital for organizations to revisit how they assess, develop, and engage performance. According to a recent State of Performance Management Report, performance reviews and discussions are taking place remotely, and processes have become more digital and technology-oriented. With these changes in mind, organizations are stepping away from traditional and outdated processes, and transitioning to modernized and streamlined solutions.

Make a change for the better with emPerform. Our user-friendly, flexible & affordable standalone performance management solution contains the tools needed to automate all aspects of your performance management program. With our team of experts ready to guide you at every step, you can re-tool performance reviews and engage your entire workforce in ongoing & valuable and valuable performance discussions – from anywhere.

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dallas conferenceWhat are some sure signs that fall has arrived? Well, the leaves start to change from green to magnificent shades of red, orange and yellow, stores are bursting at the seams with Halloween merchandise, the ol’ fall jackets are dusted off, and the best sign of all: the HR Southwest Conference is in sight!

This year’s HR Southwest Conference is being held from October 5-8 and offers two and a half days of educational sessions, networking opportunities and exposure to the latest HR products, techniques and services. The Conference attendees are some of the best we have ever met and the whole thing is hosted by the fabulous city of Dallas, TX – where there is no shortage of warm hospitality or great activities.

emPerform will be there with bells on in Booth #806 ready to hand out some great swag, raffle off some swell prizes (like a Samsung Galaxy Tab), catch up with our fabulous customers and partners, and of course, conduct live demonstrations of our award-winning performance management software.

HR Southwest 2014 is the perfect place to see for yourself what emPerform has to offer:

  • Configurable online appraisals
  • Easy to use 360° multi-rater reviews
  • Pay for performance management
  • Out of the box reports & dashboards
  • Year-round feedback & journaling
  • 100% cloud based solution

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candy crush
image courtesy of wikipedia

Business lessons can sneak up in the oddest of places. Even viral online games can give us insight into important organizational processes. I’m not afraid to admit it…my sister’s friend’s cousin’s co-worker is addicted to Candy Crush Saga. For those unfamiliar, it is a highly addictive game where you work your way through levels by matching up different types of candies – sort of a mix between Connect Four and Tetris – but with bright candy bits and really upbeat sound effects.

I’ve been playing…I mean my sister’s friend’s cous…ok it’s me! Anyways, I’ve been playing this game off and on for a few months. Some of the levels are really tricky and cost me all of my lives – but somehow, despite no promise of success, I keep playing over and over. Why? First of all it’s fun and secondly I’m stubborn. But the more I thought about it, I realized that another reason is the game comes standard with some pretty motivating features that keep me working through level by level.  It all of a sudden struck me that organizations can actually take some helpful cues from this game and implement them into a great set of guidelines for effective performance management.

What lessons Candy Crush can give us about performance management:

Clear goals are key. Every level in the game starts with an animated screen that clearly identifies the objective of that level –  ‘clear all jellies,’ ‘get 30,000 points in 1 minute’…you get the point. Right there on the screen before I even get started I know what I have to do, what I have at my disposal to do it with (# of moves or time) and what the result will be if I achieve the goal (unlock the next level). The exact same principals should be applied to employee performance goals. Clear and specific goals let employees know what has to be done and how to accomplish it, setting measurable outcomes lets them know how the goal will be tracked, and a defined result lets them know what will be achieved if the goal is accomplished – whether it’s company or personal benefits.

image courtesy Forbes and owned by King Digital
image courtesy Forbes and owned by King Digital

Timely feedback goes a long way. During the game, if I make a good move or rack up some points, a deep voice says positive things like ‘delicious’ or ‘tasty’. This was quite off-putting at first and sometimes can be a little annoying but all in all, it’s nice to have someone notice when I make a good move – other than just me of course. I’m definitely NOT suggesting that managers walk around saying ‘tasty’ to employees (don’t do that!) but timely if not instant feedback is vital to a well-oiled performance management strategy. Employees want to know when they are doing well as they do it – not 10 months down the road when it’s time for a formal performance review. Incorporating ongoing feedback & coaching can be the difference between employees giving it their all year-round or quitting after the first level. On the other end of the spectrum, if I do fail to complete a level, a crying emoticon pops up and says ‘you failed’. That’s pretty harsh but to follow suit, if managers are responsible for giving timely feedback, that means all feedback – not just the good stuff. Again, I would not suggest standing up, pointing, and shouting, ‘you failed’ to employees but when employees fall short of a goal, they should know how and why and be given the coaching they need to regroup and try again.

Not all achievements are the same and nor should they be rewarded as such. I passed level 20 with one star while Joe-other-player passed but made enough good moves that he earned 3 stars. We both achieved the same goal – but he did better and was rewarded as such. Tying performance directly to rewards in an organization helps ensure accomplishments are rewarded based on effort and results – instead of for simply going through the motions.

All work and no play takes a toll on overall performance. Candy Crush is unique in that you get 5 lives. If you lose them, you have to wait 30 minutes for a new life to regenerate unless you ask other players to share one or shell out some cash to buy some. I have to admit sometimes this really bothers me. I’m in the zone and I want to keep playing but overall it’s probably a good thing because it forces me to move on and focus on other things – like life. The same logic is true for performance management. Employees should be encouraged to keep a proper work-life balance. Hard work and dedication is certainly vital to an employee’s overall career and to an organization achieving success; however, too much work can result in employee burnout and reduced efficiency over time. Managers should recognize when an employee’s 5 lives are up and make sure they take the time to regenerate.

Everyone needs a booster: So, not to toot my own horn but I’m pretty amazing at this game. I think before every move, often complete the level in less moves than are allocated and have advanced pretty far. That being said, sometimes I need a little help and have to rely on the game’s ‘boosters’ which give me an advantage if I use them. Sometimes it’s an extra move, other times it’s the ability to swap-out pieces. Even your star employees need a booster once in a while. Nobody can be good at everything all the time. Managers need to keep an eye out for any opportunities to assist and employees should be aware of what boosters are available to them should they need a little help completing their goals.

Peers that share, win! Remember I said that if you run out of lives in the game you can ask other players? You can also ask others for boosters and in every level, other player’s scores are posted front and center so you can see how they did and their advancement in the game. I think this is a great system and should be interpreted for use in company performance management. Two heads are always better than one and five heads better than two. Employees who can rely on each other for help are more likely to meet their individual and team goals. Not only that, but transparency in performance via rewards or company recognition helps motivate performance.

Important business processes like performance management don’t have to be confined to the four walls of a boardroom or discussed in a vacuum – we encourage all organizations and managers to think outside the box and refer to anything they have encountered in their daily lives which has resulted in keeping people on track and motivating them to perform and succeed. In this case, Candy Crush Saga is a great example and these helpful guidelines can help transform your talent management strategy into something pretty …sweet…which ultimately gives you happy, motivated, and highly-efficient employees.

images courtesy of wikipedia and forbes and are owned by King Digital

“Candy Crush Saga” and related marks and references are trade marks of King.com Ltd or related entities

“As a software company, it’s important for us to empower our employees by using the latest performance management technology. Our employees expect us to provide them with processes which are efficient and easy to use and emPerform delivers just that.” Angela Finlay, Director of HR— Geosoft Inc.

Geosoft LogoRanked as a Top 150 Technology Company1, and one of the Top Ten Best Workplaces in Canada2, Geosoft Inc. has always been focused on properly developing and engaging their highly-skilled global workforce.

In 2011, Geosoft decided that in order to better assess and develop their workforce, they would have to move from using broad level-based competency assessments to a more accurate job-specific functional competency model. In order to implement their new competency-assessment model using their current Word-based appraisal forms, they would have had to create and maintain over 80 unique forms – a task which would not have been realistic or feasible.

Geosoft decided the time was right to find a solution that could support their talent management vision and provide their workforce with a modern, easy to use performance management platform.  They began their search for a vendor and after evaluating four different platforms, selected CRG emPerform as their vendor of choice.  “After a closer look at software providers, Read More

Chairs sitting in a circleWe are pleased to announce the availability of version 4.4 of CRG emPerform. Among the list of enhancements and added functionality, this latest release offers integrated 360° performance reviews.

Using multiple perspectives to complete employee reviews is quickly becoming the standard for an effective performance management strategy. Managers often have a limited perspective when it comes to assessing employees and 360° feedback offers the ability to gain insight from people who work closely with one another to generate fair and accurate reviews that have value and can be used for decision making.

“We are pleased to offer this latest release to our customers,” said Anant Rege, our Chief Technical Officer. “We know that many of today’s businesses require more than just manager feedback in the performance appraisals process.   Managers and employees need a tool that enables ongoing feedback and a 360° account of performance and goals. This latest release adds that and more to a set of robust tools already present in emPerform.”

emPerform 360° review functionality is included with the software at no additional cost and enables:

  • Employee and/or manager 360° peer nomination
  • Status tracking of 360° reviews
  • Visibility of 360° results from inside appraisal forms
  • Automated email notifications for 360° reviewers and managers

Version 4.4 is currently available for upgrade to all emPerform customers.

For more information about emPerform, visit: www.employee-performance.com

Download the Whitepaper: The Changing Face of 360° Reviews and Performance Feedback

Avoiding Appraisal Season HeadachesThe employee appraisal process is a vital component of any productive workplace. There’s no way around this critical task, and as long as human beings drive the workplace, the process will involve a human element that can never be fully automated. HR managers, directors, and department heads will always need to spend a few hours carefully considering the accomplishments and contributions of each employee, and this process will always involve face-to-face meetings, thoughtful self-evaluations, and individually tailored goal-setting. But there are some aspects of the review process that can easily be handed over to cutting-edge HR management software applications. Before you face a few of these annual headaches this year, consider a technology upgrade that can save time, reduce errors, and help you manage data more efficiently.


Headache 1: Quantification

No matter what criteria you use to evaluate your employees, these criteria need to be measurable, comparable, consistent, and fair. Certain aspects of the review can remain open ended or qualified by written comments, but at least half of your evaluation criteria should be quantifiable and should be recorded on a numeric scale. If you haven’t shaped your evaluation process around this model yet, you do not need to invent the wheel alone. HR management applications are available that can help you identify measurable criteria and areas of focus that apply to your specific business model. emPerform’s online appraisals allow companies to use numeric or text rating scales that can be translated to numbers for reporting.


Headache 2: Data Comparison

Even when it’s easy to recognize, employee merit can be difficult to compare across broad populations. Performance that seems poor or exceptional may present a different impression when compared side by side with that of equally experienced employees engaged in the same task. How good is good? What are your standard learning curves? If an employee enters the company at a slow productivity level, how fast should she be expected to advance? How does an individual employee’s error rate measure against an established standard? Don’t struggle with these calculations yearly when the right HR management software tool can help.


Headache 3: Inefficient Record Keeping

In addition to comparing performance numbers across broad populations, you’ll need to compare each employee’s current performance with records. This will help you gain an understanding of individual and standard rates of progress. You can also use advanced record-keeping software to compare numbers across other data sets. For example, if productivity growth in a sector is slow, are the employees to blame, or does the manager bear responsibility? Accurate long-term record keeping can help you identify problems at the source, but only if your data is kept timely and relevant – impossible feats with spreadsheets and manual record keeping.

If you would like to avoid appraisal season headaches, contact emPerform and get a first-hand look at how an automated performance management solution can help you overcome appraisal pains, save time, reduce errors, and help you manage data more efficiently.

bagWould you like fries, drink, and a cone with your Employee Performance Management system? emPerform has always been the Burger King of EPM systems where customers can configure and customize the software “their way”. In addition to the vast configuration options available with emPerform appraisal forms, customers can expand their functionality with succession planning, goal alignment, 360 reviews, compensation management, and reporting – at no extra cost!  On occasion, customers turn to us for advice when selecting other HR software. To fill this need, emPerform has joined forces with other leading technology vendors: myStaffingPro,  BambooHR, and Strategia. This collaboration has created a powerful, affordable, and complete HR software as a service (SaaS) solution, HR in the Cloud™. Read More

handshakeCRG emPerform recently announced that myStaffingPro, a full featured SaaS applicant tracking system, has joined the CRG emPerform Partner Network. The alliance will leverage CRG emPerform’s easy-to-use and automated talent management software and myStaffingPro’s best-in-class recruiting technology. Working together, we will be able to provide a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management platform to enable businesses to effectively attract, recruit, align, reward, and retain top talent.

We asked myStaffingPro’s Director of Marketing, Julia Friemering, to give us a bit of background information:


my staffing pro

What is myStaffingPro?

myStaffingPro is a full featured SaaS applicant tracking system.

What services do you provide?

myStaffingPro provides a portal for candidates to apply online while providing customers with a robust user interface to recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants.

The tools in myStaffingPro allow you to:

  • Expand your recruiting reach
  • Prequalify your applicant pool
  • Access applicant data anytime and anyplace
  • Monitor your hiring process
  • Reduce your time to fill.  (Customers of myStaffingPro have boasted a 40% reduction in their time to fill.)
  • Analyze your hiring process and recruiting initiatives

What/Who is your sweet spot?

Our sweet spot consists of mid-market companies, although we provide applicant tracking technology for companies of all sizes. myStaffingPro is the applicant tracking system of choice for more than 500 companies nationwide and 43,000 users.   Our customer base spans from well-known Fortune 500 names to those with as few as 50 employees.

Why should businesses use myStaffingPro?

myStaffingPro differentiates itself by:

  • Delivering a high touch job seeker experience.  At myStaffingPro, we understand that the candidate’s experience is just as important as the users.  We pride ourselves on providing candidates with a streamlined branded experience that is easy to complete.
  • Driving best-in-class recruiting functionality with search engine optimization (SEO), social networking tools, free job board postings, RSS feed, and a mobile enabled application.
  • Providing free applicant and customer technical support.  Customers of myStaffingPro know that they will receive continuous, timely, and informative support.

How can they learn more?

To learn more, please visit https://mystaffingpro.com, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.

emPerform welcomes myStaffingPro to our partner network! To learn more about this exciting partnership, please contact us at [email protected]