“As a software company, it’s important for us to empower our employees by using the latest performance management technology. Our employees expect us to provide them with processes which are efficient and easy to use and emPerform delivers just that.” Angela Finlay, Director of HR— Geosoft Inc.

Geosoft LogoRanked as a Top 150 Technology Company1, and one of the Top Ten Best Workplaces in Canada2, Geosoft Inc. has always been focused on properly developing and engaging their highly-skilled global workforce.

In 2011, Geosoft decided that in order to better assess and develop their workforce, they would have to move from using broad level-based competency assessments to a more accurate job-specific functional competency model. In order to implement their new competency-assessment model using their current Word-based appraisal forms, they would have had to create and maintain over 80 unique forms – a task which would not have been realistic or feasible.

Geosoft decided the time was right to find a solution that could support their talent management vision and provide their workforce with a modern, easy to use performance management platform.  They began their search for a vendor and after evaluating four different platforms, selected CRG emPerform as their vendor of choice.  “After a closer look at software providers, emPerform was clearly the only provider who met all of our needs.”

By implementing CRG emPerform’s online employee performance management software, Geosoft was able to provide one consistent and practical platform to all global locations and employees. The new solution automated manual assessment processes, allowing them to transition smoothly to a job-specific competency assessment model, increasing the accuracy and fairness in employee reviews, and resulting in unprecedented performance reporting and status tracking.

Geosoft implemented emPerform in 2012 and since then has noticed several measurable benefits; including…—> Read Geosoft’s full case study here

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1 2012 Branham300 List of Top Canadian Technology Companies
2 2009 Great Places to Work Institute