emPerform wins best performance appraisal software from digital.com

emPerform Named Best Performance Appraisal Software for 2021 by Digital.com

emPerform was highlighted among the most reliable solutions to help manage and improve employee performance.

We are very proud to announce that emPerform has been included in the digital.com list of ‘Best Performance Appraisal Software of 2021.”

Digital.com is a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services. They have included emPerform to its list of best performance appraisal software of 2021. The top solutions were selected based on key features and customer feedback. Digital.com’s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 90 solutions from across the web.

emPerform and other software companies were required to offer comprehensive employee review tools that allow employees to include their feedback during the evaluation process. Objective setting is also another feature that makes it easy for HR and management to customize goals for each employee. Additional qualifications include ongoing performance tracking that uses accurate, data-driven assessments.

We thank the Digital.com team for their work in evaluating solutions and for the honor they have given us! This type of research and non-bias perspective is vital for companies evaluating new HR technology. 

Among other benefits, emPerform was recognized as “one of the pioneers in the performance management software space, having launched to market back in 2004. Its tenure shows, boasting most functionalities users look for in this type of platform, including both hosted and on-premise deployment options, as well as the highest level of configure-ability. Pricing is also incredibly reasonable for what you get. Whether your organization has 200 or 3,000 employees, there’s a subscription plan to suit.”

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Thank you Digital.com team!

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The many benefits of performance appraisal software

Performance review software can help you streamline complicated processes and takes the effort out of compiling detailed, targeted appraisals with your team. Some of its other benefits include:

  • Connects everyone and makes sure the entire company is striving towards common goals
  • Supports more continuous performance reviewing instead of waiting for a particular time of year to address issues and instigate change
  • Allows management to give and receive real-time feedback with performance appraisal software
  • Effortlessly keeps track of personal development plans
  • Helps employees progress and get the most out of their roles with objective setting

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