Why do high-performing employees matter to the success of your company? If you answer by saying they produce more, or process more units of work per hour or per day, that may be true. But it’s not the whole answer. Great performers don’t just crank out more widgets per minute or respond to emails faster than other employees. PyramidGreat performers actually lift the entire team by resetting standards of behavior and productivity and generating a ripple effect that can influence everyone in your workplace.

Here’s how.

1. Strong employees care. They generate an atmosphere of commitment and ownership that’s catching and will influence everyone around them. If they invest in their projects and are unwilling to cut corners, this attention to detail can motivate those who share their responsibilities and interact with them on a regular basis.

2. Strong employees improve your workplace culture. They’re pleasant to be around and they share the spotlight that shines on their accomplishments. They’re fair, their honest, they’re outspoken, and they contribute to an environment of mutual respect.

3. Strong employees elevate your brand. Great employees attract great business contacts and more great employees. If your office has a great reputation as an excellent place to work, chances are you owe much of that to your current workers.

4. Strong employees train newbies, set an example, and help managers make important decisions about the future. If you think you can choose your company’s direction without the insight and input of your most committed workers, you’re missing out on a valuable resource.

It’s easy enough to rhyme off WHY top-performers are so valuable but how does a company go about ensuring these gems are properly identified and more importantly, that they stay?

Here are some ways emPerform is helping clients tackle this very challenge:

Talent Identification with the click of a button: emPerform comes standard with a flexible nine-box talent matric to use for succession planning and talent identification. HR and managers can now use the results from self-assessments, 360°’s, and performance reviews to classify and compare employee performance by department, team, or company-wide. With performance data feeding into a real-time view of your company, top-performers can easily be identified.

Year-Round Feedback & Acknowledgement: Now that you know who your stars are, how do you keep them? Year-round engagement, recognition, feedback, and rewards are key and are easier to manage than before. emPerform contains native functionality to help HR and managers engage in ongoing feedback, align and monitor goals and expectations, acknowledge accomplishments throughout the year, and effectively tie performance to compensation decisions – helping to ensure your key players are involved in active performance dialogue and feedback year-round and are rewarded for their contributions.

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