Brand signYou may think your choice of performance management software is a primarily internal decision that can’t possible have a strong impact on your brand. After all, the software you install to handle your back office management functions are exactly that: back office. Outside of your own HR managers and Operations teams, who even knows what kind of platforms you use to monitor and handle employee performance challenges?

Everyone who comes in contact with your company, that’s who! Especially your pool of current and prospective highly competitive talent. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Here’s why.

Workplace Culture, Branding, and Your Performance Management Software

The current landscape of innovative and highly sought after talent is unfortunately a seller’s market. Young employees are becoming increasingly cautious about choosing a workplace whose culture and values are in line with their own. Potential employees are demanding employers that are tech savvy and fast moving, and who value employee development and growth. Moreover, in a world where thoughts and activities can be broadcasted and accesses online in a snap, young workers expect a company to provide instant performance feedback and coaching. Strong software platforms suggest a company that’s forward-thinking and devoted to employee development. So an eye for cutting edge technology can have a positive influence on your workplace culture and identity and will give you a leg up when attracting and retaining the best of the best.

But hot, smart, in-demand employees aren’t necessarily new or even ‘young’, and not all talented workers share a millennial focus on tech resources and the links between software and company success. How can introducing a new talent management platform possibly help influence those employees? The reality is that adopting modern performance management processes makes a bold statement to any current or prospective employee. Investing in talent management technology says, “we care about employee development and want to make sure our staff is accurately evaluated, regularily recognized, and fairly rewarded for their contributions to this organization”. That statement is mighty powerful.

Regardless of methods used for evaluating employees, your best employees, young or old, tech savvy or otherwise, will be those who care the most about their jobs, invest in their futures, and make high demands on themselves in terms of both performance and growth. Investing in the tools needed to keep your talent base engaged and performing at their best is a must in today’s evolving and competitive economy. Talent management technology that can help streamline outdated processes and strategically develop a competitive workforce should be a priority for businesses and the reassurance lies in the fact that acquiring said technology speaks volumes to the type of employer you are. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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