While most businesses are up-to-date with the latest software and devices to make life easier, the HR world is still playing technology catch-up. Manual appraisal processes that used to ‘work’ over a decade ago are no longer cutting it in today’s competitive landscape and just because you email appraisal forms instead of storing them on a floppy disc – doesn’t mean that you are effectively exploiting technology.
emPerform offers the technology needed to transform employee appraisals into a strategic and ongoing talent management process that delivers real results to your business – all for a price that will make you regret not upgrading sooner.

What’s Included in emPerform?

  • customizable online appraisal forms
  • SMART goal management easy succession planning
  • automated pay for performance
  • online surveys & 360 reviews
  • reporting & dashboards
  • ongoing feedback & performance logs

Contact Us to learn how emPerform can streamline and automate your talent management processes and have you assessing performance like it’s 2012! You can even send us your forms and we’ll show you how they will look and work inside emPerform.