fall in love with emperformLoving appraisals hasn’t always been easy. The annual process is dreaded and unappreciated by many – especially those tasked with executing it. Keeping track of who has finished what, trying to compile results, chasing after employee and manager paper trails…what’s there to love? We have some good news for lonely appraisals. emPerform’s online, customizable software suite is bringing some much needed love into the mix.

So go ahead – Fall in love with your talent management software.

emPerform’s powerful and proven software suite can simplify and streamline performance management and save LOADS of time and effort conducting employee appraisals.

Fully configurable appraisal forms include file attachments, task & email integration, real-time status reports, offline synchronization, unlimited workflows, custom rating scales, content libraries, and much, much more! emPerform gives you the tools to get your appraisals completed properly and on time.

And that’s not all. emPerform is more than appraisals. At no extra cost, you are given the tools you need to align, develop, reward, and retain your talent force with a winning performance management toolkit:

  • succession & the nine-box talent matrix
  • compensation planning
  • goal management
  • 360° reviews & online surveys
  • reporting & analytics
  • real-time social feedback & journaling

Let us show you how easy it can be to start loving your talent management software. Contact us to schedule a live demo or to get pricing.

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