FEEDBACK. It’s a tough one for HR, managers, and employees to deal with effectively and is often feared and avoided as if it were a bad word.

To help organizations create an effective feedback strategy within their organizations, we have put together some of our favorite resources on the topic. These practical videos, blogs, and whitepapers will help shed some light on the importance of ongoing employee feedback and offer some practical tips on how to create a feedback centric culture today.


Webinar Download: The F-Word

FeedbackIn this dynamic archived webinar, emPerform has teamed up with a panel of experts to help HR and Managers tackle feedback within their organizations. Get your complimentary download and gain some insight into:

  • The overlooked importance of ongoing performance feedback
  • The challenges HR, Managers, and Employees face getting, giving, using,and managing feedback
  • How continuous feedback is shaking up traditional performance reviews
  • How to create a feedback-centric culture

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Whitepaper Download: Employee Performance Feedback Essential

This whitepaper is for organizations who are looking to shake up and modernize their performance management processes by harnessing the power of continuous and proper performance feedback but are unclear on how to properly manage and deploy a feedback model in their organization or incorporate feedback into regular reviews. This paper discusses why feedback is essential, why it is resisted , and how we can use technology to bring a tired performance management process back to life.

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Blog: Tips for Delivering Negative Feedback

If all feedback were positive, then managers would have no trouble working it into their day to day managerial to-do lists; however, the reality is that a significant portion of employee feedback will be to offer constructive criticism to help the employee learn and develop. This type of feedback is very difficult to approach and delivering it properly is key to keep employees engaged without any hurt feelings.The following blog post offers some practical tips for approaching and delivering negative feedback. A must read for any HR Pro or Manager.

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emPerform LogoSoftware Download: emPerform

Got your feedback strategy down? Great! Now how do you plan to execute? If you are looking for tools to assist you in creating effective feedback processes, look no further than emPerform tag – a robust social feedback and performance journaling module included in emPerform to help managers, HR, and employees create, send, document, and use feedback year-round. tag was built to help companies engage managers and employees in ongoing coaching and feedback and to archive that feedback for use in appraisals and for decision making. You can try tag for free as part of emPerform’s all-inclusive performance management software.

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